Do-It-Yourself Divorce or Divorce Lawyer?

Strategies and Secrets A Man Must Know to Win Your Divorce. What attorneys won’t tell you and what you must tell your attorney.

Divorce Lawyer Or Do-It-Yourself Divorce — Which Is Better?
By: Christine OKelly

Cost and convenience are the most common reasons why people choose a do-it-yourself divorce over consulting a divorce lawyer. With a do-it-yourself divorce, you pay a one-time fee for a “kit” that contains all of the papers, forms, and information you supposedly need. While you will usually pay more for a good divorce attorney, the problems you save yourself by consulting one will most always outweigh the price.

Good Legal Advice Plus Representation

Both a do-it-yourself kit and a divorce attorney can provide valuable legal advice, but the quality of the advice depends on the source. In any kind of divorce situation, the wrong advice can be extremely damaging to your future. While you can potentially get bad advice from both a do-it-yourself kit and an inexperienced lawyer, there is a way to avoid this problem altogether - by choosing a trustworthy and experienced divorce attorney who specializes in divorces in your local area.

The do-it-yourself divorce kits usually come with generic forms and information that are not tailored to the rules, laws, and forms needed for your state or area. A divorce lawyer who specializes in your area will know the rules, laws, and forms needed, in addition to providing other advantages over a do-it-yourself kit, including representing you and speaking for your best interest with the courts.

An Objective Party Who Can See And Speak Clearly

Nobody knows your divorce story better than you do and it is important to express issues in your marriage that caused you pain and suffering. Judges need to hear your story, but when you pursue a divorce without representation, emotions often take over. While you may not be able to help being extremely emotional about the factors that lead you to divorce, being emotional can often make the importance of those factors difficult for the court to fully comprehend. A divorce attorney is equipped to take a step back from the divorce situation so they can present the case in a clear and straightforward manner.

Presenting A Case Clearly Leads To Success

The average person is not well versed enough in legal lingo to understand the terms associated with divorce proceedings to be able to use them wisely. This often makes it difficult for the courts to identify and understand the information relevant to the divorce.

A divorce lawyer knows how to examine the complicated arguments between the spouses to identify the true problems and injustices of the marriage. He or she can comprehend the information claimed by both spouses so they can adequately defend and argue your case effectively. After all, that’s what a divorce lawyer is trained to do — argue effectively on the behalf of their client.

no contest divorce forms

Whether you decide to represent yourself for a divorce in Dallas or you opt to hire a divorce attorney in Chicago, make sure you are satisfied with your chosen representation before you head to court. A mistake in choosing the wrong representation can cost you big - your home, money, or possibly even the custody of your children. If you aren’t sure which is the best option for you, schedule a simple consultation with a divorce lawyer so you can have your questions answered. Then you’ll know which way you should go for representation.

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  1. Review by Mich from Charlotte Lawyer

    Very good points where made here… What stuck out the most was “Nobody knows your divorce story better than you do and it is important to express issues in your marriage that caused you pain and suffering.” Often more times than not one party involved will not disclose the true reasons for the divorce. Either they are scared or they are ill advised. I think it is our job to gain the clients confidence and trust so that we can advise them to come forward which will usually changes the landscape of the case. Again great post!

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