How to Get a No Contest Divorce

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The word divorce conjures up images of two warring parties, with men’s divorce tactics on one side and women’s rights in the separation on the other, but it does not have to be that way.

You can get a no contest divorce in any state and even overseas. A no contest or uncontested divorce can occur when both parties willingly agree to the separation and what will happen to all the joint property. Of course since marriage is a government acknowledged union, the government will want legal divorce papers before filing your own divorce.

For your wedding day you spent a lot of time planning ahead both financially and socially. Unfortunately, a no fault separation also requires planning.

Although people looking to divorce are most often represented by a lawyer, it is possible however, with the correct divorce forms that you may be able to represent yourself and finalize your divorce without an attorney.

Since not all divorces are need to be unpleasant experiences. For many couples, the process of an uncontested divorce is a free from hassles, mutually agreed upon, and is often a necessary action that leaves both the husband and wife in the relationship happier overall.

The first step is to agree on the division of property. Property in this case does not just mean the house you live in, it means just about everything you own jointly and in some states even the things you own individually.

If there is only property to consider, the proceedings should go smoothly and you can have a low cost divorce. If children are involved other factors come into play such as child custody, child support, and parental visitation rights. This is often where a no contest divorce falls apart and the warring begins. However if these things can be agreed upon there is still the chance that a friendly marital separation can be reached and the uncontested divorce can proceed smoothly.

If not it would be time for each party to seek a divorce attorney. This can dramatically increase the cost of divorce, and is the subject for another article.

But let’s assume that everything is amicable and all matters are agreed upon. A no fault divorce can usually be processed quickly depending on the state and their individual waiting times for divorce. With the proper divorce forms filed with the court in your state, and an appearance in front of a judge who will make sure all is in order and that both parties have signed, understand and agree to the separation forms, when the judges gavel falls you will have completed your own divorce.

Thus, it is clear that not all divorces have to be messy, warring, or vicious separations as is most often seen in the media. Many couples ending their marriages do, in fact, experience hassle free and simple low cost divorces. These people can go on live far less stressful and happier lives as a result.

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